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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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breaking right now at 6:00, authorities believe neighborhood beat sparked a mass shooting at an all-new new jersey artsst al. nearly two dozen people injured. we just got an update on that case. the heat is on,nd it's only going to get hotter. storm team 4 meteorologist somara theodore is tracking dangerous conditions on the way and a disturbing violation of policy at a popular department store that sells clothes to girl. what a d.c. man did inside a women's dressing room. >> so we begin with that breaking news out of new jersey. e ther's day will never same for families at an all-night art festival in trenton. bullets went flying just before
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3:00 this morning injuring more an 20 people, including a boys who i only 13 years old. behind me you can see some of the chaotic scene. nbc's dan sheneman has the news for us tonight. >> the shooting started just before 3:00 a.m. at a crowded arts festival. >> and all of a sudden about ten shots rang out inside the door. it was like pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: police estimate as many as 1,000 people were in the area when the shooting started. more than 20 people were hurt.f 17 them suffered gunshot wounds. >> i think the preliminary investigation revhals multiple individuals attending the art all-night event opened fire within the venue and to this date and time multiple weapons have been recovered. >> investigators say one suspt, a -year-old male, was killed, apparently by police. anotheruspect is in police custody. >> if the shooting appears toe
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related to severalav gangsg neighborhood gangs from here inside the city of trenton having a dispute at the venue. >> this all happened at a popular fund-raiser l foral >> it's become quite a tradition and touchstone in trenton it's awful that it was broken up like this so awfully in the middle of the -- of the night. >> the investigation ongoing and trenton becomes the latest community to face tragedy. dan sheneman, nbc news. officlsay there were no metal detectors at that event. "nbc nightly news will have the very latest on the shooting right after this broadcast. meanwhile, dangerous heat on the way storm team 4 meteorologist somara theodore standing by. somara, let's talk about how hot continued right now and what it looks like for families planning to takeheir dads out for dinner. >> if you opted for the dinner
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icer the brunch, you're still looking warm and and pleasant. let's go ahead and get straight eo the current temperatures right now into district this. live shot is absolutely gorgeous. oh, wow. let's pull for max one if that's okay. we've got the ten-day up now and that's not a bad forecast aheadc either and n that dangerous heat we're talking about. here's the live shot that we're lking it, absolutely gorgeous. current temperatures 87 degrees and lotsf sunshine and as you head through the evening. we are expecting to stay warm. it's not just us feeling the heat, folks. take a look. pittsburgh 88 and raleigh 83nd mid-atlantic all seeing the heat. i know it felt hotter today because of the humidity. taking your dad to look at the temperatures. even at 10:00 at night upper 70s. that's very mild but very comfortable nonetheless. very picturesque evening. stick around. coming up. we'll take a look at that dangerous heat that we're expecting tomorrow al let you know what your rain chances are looking like for the week ahead.
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erika. >> somara, thank had you. aisturbing crime at a popular women's clothing store in downtown d.c. police arresting a man for videotaping women in the dressing rooms at forever 21 and as news 4's darcy spencer explains, the man allegedly used his cell phone to record women as they undressed. this is really the last thing you think about when you're trying onlothing inside a private dressing room, someone violating yr privacy, but according to police that is exactly what happened here at this forever 21 store in wntown washington. according to a d.c. police report, two wom were in that private dressing room trying on clothing saturday afternoon wheh say a man stuck his cell phone under the door. now police say they did take someone into custody his name lawrence forman who was taken into custody right inside this store. the police report says that police did seize the man's cell phone. he's now facing one misdemtnor cof voyeurism.
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in northwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >> it has been a particularly deadly year on the moment m river in maryland. natural resources police say 18 people have died in boating 18idents just in the last months. two of the fatalities happening last night. natural sresourolice found an empty boat turning in circles. divers later recovered the bodies of t men from silver springs. they have been identified. investigators still don't know exactly what happened. >> alleight. now want to go to some break news in prince george's county. police investigating a deadly motorcyclecrash. this is video from that scene in morningside. police say the crash happened just after 12:00 this afternoon. this is on allentown road and maxwell dry. a crash involving a car and motorcycle. motorcyclists died at the hospital. r name has not been
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released. >> several members of congresst ed outside of an immigrant detention center in new jersey today. they are protesting the trump administration's zero tolerance policy that is separating children from their parents at the border. democrats representing new york and new jersey performed surprise inspection of the i.e. detention nter. they are demanding the administration change the policy. 20 new york city fire fighters were injured battling a house fire on staten island. four of those firefighters were seriously hurt but the rest of them suffered minor injuries. that fire started lastight and spread to at least one other house. body else was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out again how that fire started. d.c. police bust a marijuana pop-up event and arrest dozen of people. we're going to take aok closer at what officers found during that sting. >> it's hot and getting hotter. trying to stay fit? i'll tell i'll tell
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you some easy ws to stay cool. we are working to learn more about a mayor ana bust in d.c. police say they arrested 30 distributors and seized marijuana from more than two dozen vendors. take a look a the pictures that police released. news 4 said that detectives busted the marijuana pop-up event last night, and as you can see they also recovered thgue . police say the event was in the
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2,200 block of 25th place and northeast. e sale of any amount of marijuana in d.c. is going to ba il the school board is thinking about renaming jeb stewart elementary school as schools continue taking the name of the confederate general off now. the finalists, former president obama anden mark, richmond's last mayor. the board will reveal the top three finalistsomorrow night. the veryast televised forum in the maryland governor's race before the primary was on our air this morning and nbc 4 and telemundo 44co wd the six leading democratic candidates in the democratic primary. tom sherwood moderated. two candidates are looking to make history and become the state's first black governor. another candidate released anned a showing had a same-sex couple
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if you thought today's heat what is bad, oh, boy, just wait until tomorrow. storm team4's somara theodore describing tomorrer's tempures in fact as dangerous heat. if you plan on being outside, start drinking that water now. news 44 has tip on how to beat the heat in th a dog daysre come. forecasts predict shoe of the days so far in the coming week. this weekend's hu taste of what's to come. those are beach bodies that are stillorks in progress doesn't necessarily mean that that work has to stop or move indoors though there could be days when it's not safe to exert yourself and to exercise outside. hot days if you can. >> look to go for a longe run, it's 80 degrees, want to go for that bike ride, make sure you hydrate the day before, twoays before. >> repter: this fitne expert recommends. >> it takes time for your body to process water into eserve. if youoing to drink water while you're physically active but the body is using the
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resources it already has. >> if you're planning to get it in on monday hydrate now but it's not only about hydrating. it about what you eat, too. >> reporter: plenty of complex carbs, health he complex carbs. we caught up with folks at the annual fit father's day event going on in silver spring and was being done safely with the wandhful eyes of trainers coaches. >> listen to your body. ow body will tell you when it's not right and you better take heed to that. >> reporter: light loose-flitting clothes and whatever shadem the sun you can manage and not overdoing it. those are the rules of the day as the hot days will soon be upon us. derrick ward, news 4. >> hundreds of couples with 33,000 years of marriage beten them renewing their vowsay t cardinal donald worrell presiding over the massive mass. the couples are from parishes here in d.c. and maryland. j
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thisilee celebration honors couples who have enjoyed 25 to 75 years of wedded bliss. >> this jubilee is a celebration of enduring human love. we're all here, are we not, bearing testimony to the beauty, thele che, the wonder of love. >> 14 of those couples have been married for more than 70 years. just fantastic. settatg a g example for all of us that it can be done. >> hey. ll right. storm team 4 meteorologist somara theodore joining us now. a nice day outside. >> yeah. >> warm out there and tomorrow me're definitely going to crank up the . >> just getting things started. we're going to crank that up heat for your monday and tuesday. it's going to be hot, but, you know, it's one thing to be hot during t day ando interesting to keep this warmth overnight. so pleasant this evening if you're taking dad out for dinner. take a look at the current
6:17 pm
temperatures. right now 87 did i grease in we were at 90 not too long ago in frederick. 88. 88 in leesburg as well and 86 degrees in manassas. what is the feel-like temperature out there? feels like 92 it. that's a little bit of a jump. feeling like the 90s throughout. this will feel even hotter. wait until you s the feels like temperatures. 74 degrees overnight so we'll be in the low to mid-70s. it's going to be very mild. as we heahrough the overnight hours we'll have some clouds fluctuating in and out here's a look at the radar, because, remember, rain is one of the things we were thinking abestrday. we had on the forecast but more and that's natu exactly what we're seeing. to be honest with you, our region really spare from this. some of the activityarer down towards the neck and can you see overnight a few clouds but relatively clear and then we ve into tomorrow morning and no clouds for that sun. it's going to wake up with us
6:18 pm
and it's going get to work. all right. we'll talk about your monday forecast in just a movement i do want to give the rain outlook and just lookt that radar. can you see tomorrow we're dry and the chances for showers and storms, they come up on your tuesday through thursday so we will be tracking that. friday looking a little bit on the drier side of things. all right. so let's talk tomorrow. how high are we going? i volyed with this one. i think 96 and 97 is doable tomorrow. we'll hit the uppers and that is considered dangerous heat when you factor in the humidity because you get these feel-like temperatures. 8:00 a.m., walking out the doo it's going to feel like 82 degrees already and b then the afternoon 100. so we're talking triple-digit feels like temperature. 102 in the dtrict and some areas hitting so 5 for feelsli . limit that time outdoors. tuesday morning, we're waking up to feel like temperatures aroun 88 degrees, and then you can see by the afternoon very similar
6:19 pm
situation. tuesday is going to be hot as well, and we keep that heatll the way through tuesday evening. 4 ten-day because of that dangerous heat, we are going to go weather alert both monda and tuesday. take a look at the rain chances, as i said, tuesday throusd th is our best chance at more scattered shower and activity and remember thursday is actually f the officiast day of summer so summer is coming a little bit early and winter is stuck around for a while and i don't know hf spri a chance. >> all right. somara. thank you. still ahead, mexico makes history at the world cup. terry is coming up next aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belonged in america when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer.
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and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief. we are so deghted to welcome back sherree burruss to this set. is's beenway a little bit, you know, pause she's been getting married. you and excited for congratulations to you and your hubby. i know that you were so looking forward to maybe coming back and anchoring a game search, but you got to come back and anchor a pa >> right, i would totally trade a game seven for the parade. thank you so much. it's been such a whirlwind, and back to work for me and the nationals who made it almost two and a ha months into the
6:23 pm
season before being swept on the road. north of the border the be jays dominated the nats, but in ca you were wondering still good seats available up in toronto. unfortunately for davy martinez and the nats, they had a front row seat to the randall griffiths show. that's his snond home ru of the day and that puts them up by two. 3 for 3. two homers and four rbi on the day for him. brian goodwin shoipd for the nationals in the eighth. nats down a run and man on. goodwin takes it all into shallow left. puts on the wheel s tore and an rbi single for goodwin. the nats tie this at six. but it was a rough going for ryan madsen in the eight facing andez who tees off on this one. that is gone. blue jays take a 1-6 lead. definitely one madsen wants back onethen another solarte at the plate.
6:24 pm
he goes yard. back-to-back home runs off madsen. blue jays win it 8-6. nats get swept inbuoronto. >> heading up to camden yards, families at the yard this father's day. oriol orioles hosting the marlins. jayce peterson giving the dads plenty to cheer about. right this ball deep to center and bounces over the wall for a ground rule double. both runs score and the orioles go up 2-0 early. adam jones, he's a dad and using his dad strength. jonesy taking this one dee to right center and bounce offhe wall and one run in. the marlin throw sails high and the orioles off to a 66-1 lead.s peteon not done. this one crashed to the flag court in right. four rbisor peterson. o's win it so-4 and also get
6:25 pm
their first win at camden's yards on mother's day on may 13r theyinly love their parents, don't they. a weekend full of surprisini es continue today at the world cup. one of the biggest victories of the tournament cing from the second match of the day. mexico trying to beat the reigningmp chaions germany. the top team in the world is germany taking o the 15th ranked mexico. ready to shock the world. 35th minute. javier hernandez sends it ahead of alonzo and dribbles it around the defender and mexico takesat the leade in the first. mexican fanare going crazy in the stand and hold on to win 1-0. first time germanyas ever lost the opening match as defending champions. mexico's first cup win ever against germany. but also today' number two team in the world facing sixth ranke
6:26 pm
switzerland. brazil up 1-0 and switzerland with the corner kick and it's headed in. he ties the game at one. you have to take another look. a bit of a push from zu r, but he heads it in, and that's t equalizer. huge goal for the swiss because in stoppage time still tied big chance coming for brazil. neymar with the fre kick. looks like brazil s mightcore but the swift defende gets his foot on it in the last second and that does it. brazil and switzerland play to a 1-1 tie. the first match of the day serbia taking on costa rica. costa rica hasn't lost in their last fivld cup matches. skipping ahead 56 minutes,it serbia a free kick and alexander korolyov comes through. he curls this o rightnto the backe of net and that's all serbia needed. costa rica 1-0 in the group "e"e opener from ast world cup wins all by a score of os1-0. you likely will see the
6:27 pm
stanley cup at the world cup. alex ovechkin plans to take the trophy to russia in the j beginning ofy for more fun, but back home some serious questions remain as they clean up the confetti fm the celebration. several players becoming free agents as is barry trotz' contract is coming up. jay beagle says the caps need their stanley cup coach back. >> he's always been a great coach since he's been here. you know, has always brought people around him that are great, you for example theac hing staff, everybodyoes their job, and i think probably the best in the league. we're more prepared than any team in the league i think and what they do. can't really put to words, and you can't really put a price on it, because it really prepares us the best to have success. >> and coming up tonight on "sports final," jay beagle joins us for the roundtable to take on
6:28 pm
topics like his own free agency and he reveals much of his plan the date and that's tonight at nbc 4 and what a whirl wind. i can say it's almost t that the playoff run is over. pretty tired and exhausted i think the players would agree and what a run. i don't know what you do with the cup for a day, too. >> we' find out. >> thank you. that wraps it up. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is coming up "nightly news" is coming up next, and then we'll see you
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tonight, immigration flash point, what it's like inside the country's largest processing center, where children are being separated from their parents, as the politics and protests heat up along the border and beyond. more than 20 injured in a shooting in the middle of the night. chaotic scenes as a gunman opens fire at an arts festival. are charter schools becoming the new way to separate stussnts by c and race? a troubling, new look. also, the surprise release of a provocative joint album by music's power coupt'. tonight is rocking the music world. stunning upset at the world cup,nd celebrations that may have literally caused a seismic event. and the present of a life


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